Logistics Leader Preis für Arra Group®

This time it's a Logistics Leader statuette...

On the 15 June 2021, Arra Group® was awarded with the Logistics Leader statuette in the category of Increasingly Strengthening the Market Position for 2020. The award is a special honor for our organization, because it's the recipients of our services who decide about the results of the competition. And pharmaceutical transport is quite challenging, so we are all the more pleased with the award.

Taking the opportunity we would like to thank all our customers for their trust. It means we nurture partner relations and generate mutual benefits!

Arra Group® is not just about the transport. We are socially engaged for the health of all of us.

We are proud of our mission of working to protect peoples' health. Taking care of the world around us is a part od our journey We have it in our DNA.

Arra Group® acts with the future in mind. We support local initiatives. We do all of this because we love people. We just care about what is important to us and what makes us different.

Since the beginning, my goal has been to provide  the highest quality pharmaceutical transport which satisfies our clients. We build long-term relationships by offering transparent, flexible, and reliable services tailored to the needs of our partners.

Artur Ratajczak - CEO of Arra Group®
Arra Group CEO Artur Ratajczak receives the award at the gala ceremony - photo by Michał Grabowski

Years of experience


Modern vehicles


Top qualified specialists

At Arra Group® we are really proud of our
mission, vision and values.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry


We are sure that determination and focus on the goal will enable us to pursue our vision of becoming a global pharmaceutical logistics provider.


Our values say who we are and how we act. We simply care.




Arra Group employees during conversation in the office
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