Arra Group airplane and cargo ship for temperature control services in supply chains concept

Sea Air
und Railfreight

Global deliveries to your door in temprature-controlled condiotions

Arra Group® combine different modes of transport for the comfort, safety, and sustainability of our customers!

Sea transport - we organise sea transport on routes all over the world providing full customs and transport service.

Air transport - we organize transport all over the world with passive and active temperature maintenance of goods, also with door to door delivery (from the sender to the receiver).

Railway transport - we specialize in organization of import/export transports on the China - Poland trade route.

Why to choose Arra Group® Sea / Air / Rail Service?

Here are just a few of many reasons:

  • just-in-time solutions
  • consolidated or dedicated collections
  • customs clearance
  • last mile delivery
  • documentation management
  • airport handling and security processing
Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 2015
Our irreplaceable
Security +

We provide 24-hour monitoring of consignments from our control centres, which are manned by our expert multilingual team. We also offer real-time satellite tracking.

Performance +

High quality performance with fast and reliable service. Proven track record in state of the art supply chain optimisation solutions.

Reliability +

Using our strategically-located control centres and global network of partners, we ensure our shipments are guided and tracked, from origin to destinantion, ensuring consistently reliable results.

Control +

We enable customers to monitor the exact location of their shipments, whether in storage or during transit. This allows for the management and control of costs within own processes and helps minimise downtime.


Arra Group® is a global operator providing healthcare and pharma logistics solutions. Due to the specificity of the industry, the quality of our services is our priority, therefore the goods entrusted to us are treated with utmost care and responsibility.

Transport of the products not only takes place in temperature controlled conditions from -25°C to +25°C, but is also subject to all required sanitary, legal and customs regulations.

Arra Group® guarantees 24/7 online monitoring both in domestic and international transport, provided by our specialists from Control Tower.

We also carry out regular GDP trainings for all our employees, beginning with drivers and ending with administrative staff, so that everobody knows what is important in their job.

Our certificates give you a guarantee

The certificates, awards, and memberships are the proof of Arra Group® reliability and integrity. 

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 2015
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