Arra Group celebrates 20th anniversary

We have planted 500 trees

On Saturday, November 19, Arra Group celebrated its 20th anniversary by planting 500 trees.

We are part of the Głogów community, so our anniversary could not be separated from our roots.

The number 500 is not accidental. The trees represent all Arra Group's employees and key customers.

The hornbeams will form a beautiful avenue, pleasing the eyes of the residents, and we will contribute to helping build a positive climate for the city.

During the event, CEO of Arra Group - Artur Ratajczak said: "One tree absorbs approx. 6-7 kg of CO2 per year, which adds up to around 3500 kg of CO2 per year. This refer to the GVW of our vans, which is 3.5 tonnes. Over their entire life cycle, the trees we plant will neutralise 3,750,000 kg of CO2. I believe that our event is the best way to celebrate the 20-year tradition with next years and next generations in mind. Thus, we are fulfilling our mission: "We work to protect peoples' helath" and showing our values: "We are here because we want to."