Arra Group® takes part

in Poland Business Run

Poland Business Run 2021 is over. It was great to be there!

28,500 runners, 1,300 companies and 100 disabled people we helped

On 5th September 2021, 5,700 relay teams appeared at the starting line of Poland Business Run, including 5 Arra Group® relay teams. We truly work to protect peoples' health! The following Arra Group® departments have decided to run, and thus support people with amputations and mobility disabilities:

  • Management Board Relay Team
  • Finance Relay Team
  • Sales Relay Team
  • IT Relay Team
  • Interdepartmental Relay Team

Congratuations to the Management Board Relay Team that took the first place among all Arra Group® teams.

A big thank you to all our runners. They prove that people are very important to us!

Pharmaceutical transport at Arra Group® - learn about our services

We specialize in pharmaceutical transport to any place in the world under controlled temperature conditions. Our offer includes:

  • refrigerated transport - our vehicles are equipped with appropriate body and refrigeration units, maintaining temperatures from minus 25 to plus 25 degrees Celsius

  • pharmaceutical transport - we offer domestic and international transport of medicines, and our vehicles are adapted to transport even the most sensitive medical products

  • transport of ADR and high-value cargo - not only we do have the right skills, but also the right safety procedures

  • transport of medicines by sea, air & rail - this way we guarantee the transport of pharmaceuticals to any place in the world

International transport of medicines - top quality services

The highest quality of our services is our priority. We reach our goal by:

  • a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with the highest quality equipment, such as modern bodies and refrigeration units, which allow us to transport products in two temperature ranges

  • qualified and experienced drivers

  • 24/7 monitoring


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Arra Group® is a global logistics provider specialising in the transport of pharmaceuticals and other medical products that require controlled temperature conditions from -25°C to + 25°C. We operate in a domestic and international market.

Pharmaceutical transport and comprehensive logistics solutions in the field of pharmacy and health

For more than 20 years, Arra Group® has offered comprehensive logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We are top-class specialists in this field. Entrusting us with their product, our costomers feel safe because they know that we always keep cold chain transport under control.

Arra Group's fleet of refrigerated vans and trucks around the globe