Our pharmacutical warehouse

has started its operation

First parcels in Robakowo warehouse

On October 15, Arra Group® got the first transport of medicines to store in its warehouse!

Some time ago Arra Group® had opened a state of the art distribution centre. Then, we got a Pharmaceutical Licence (NZOH.5100.19.2021.MG.4) for the premises and now we are able to store products that require standard conditions with temperature range of 15°C - 25°C and special conditions with temperature range of 2°C - 8°C and 8°C - 15°C. The warehouse is qualified and prepared for the activities covered by the licence.

The premises meet all the requirements of the Good Distribution Practise and Pharmaceutical Law.

Only authorised personnel have access to the site protected by electronic access control, an alarm system and CCTV monitoring. Our employees from Quality Department personally take care of the drugs and keep the stock under control 24/7.

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