Van Service

Fast and safe deliveries in the whole Europe

VAN service is the core business of Arra Group® operations in Europe

Extensive fleet of own vehicles allows us to react fast and efficiently to any situation requiring immediate action.

The fleet is fully adapted to transport all types of medicines in compliance with GDP regulations. Most of it have dual compartment allowing parallel transport in two temperature ranges, i.e. cold and ambient. Arra Group® actively supports the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from the transport of active ingredients in the manufacturer's channel to finished products in the wholesale. We work to protect peoples' health.

Thank to our fleet of vans and quality of our services, we also play an important role in the whole cold chain industry. Arra Group® covers all European countries, as well as Georgia, Turkey and North Africa. Try us out!

We cooperate with the best in the cold chain industry

Arra Group® would like to present you a detailed offer and talk about opportunities you get by starting cooperation with us. Tell us about your needs and we will fulfill them because we have:

  • specialists understanding your needs
  • 24/7 online monitoring provided by our control tower
  • modern, GDP compliant VANs
  • 20 years' experience
  • highly qualified drivers with regular trainings
  • up to 1,000,000 € liability coverage
  • up to 8 Euro pallets in a vehicle


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We deliver goods
to various industries

Cold chain

Arra Group® offers cold chain logistics solutions for all products that require temperature control from -25° to +25°C and 24/7 monitoring.



Arra Group® offers the highest quality domestic and international transport of medicines, thanks to the developed road, rail, sea and air forwarding.


ADR & high value goods

Arra Group® offers ADR and high value transport in compliance with all legal regulations and safe environment of our vehicles.



To meet the expectations of our customers, in the very heart of Europe, Arra Group® has opened a modern warehouse that serves as a distribution center.

Proven performance

The certificates and awards we have won prove our reliability, and our memberships in many respected institutions confirms our integrity. 

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 2015
Safety and quality
are our top priorities

Arra Group® is a global operator providing healthcare and pharma logistics solutions. Due to the specificity of the industry, the quality of our services is our priority, therefore the goods entrusted to us are treated with utmost care and responsibility.

Transport of the products not only takes place in temperature controlled conditions from -25°C to +25°C, but is also subject to all required sanitary, legal and customs regulations.

Arra Group® guarantees 24/7 online monitoring both in domestic and international transport, provided by our specialists from Control Tower.

We also carry out regular GDP trainings for all our employees, beginning with drivers and ending with administrative staff, so that everobody knows what is important in their job.

„Arra Group® bietet Dienstleistungen für den Transport und die Lieferung von Arzneimitteln und Healthcare Produkten unter bestimmten Temperaturbedingungen. Alle Tätigkeiten wurden stets ordnungsgemäß und in Übereinstimmung mit unseren Anforderungen durchgeführt.” 

Ole Sachs
Logistiker in Abacus Medicine A/S
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